Functional Lab Evaluation

Struggling to make sense of the numbers? I can help.

Doctors don’t always have the time or patience to explain the results of every test, but that doesn’t mean that you should be left in the dark.

I trained with a world-renowned Functional Medicine Physician to bring you this individualized service, so you can be proactive and take ownership of your healthcare.

No more wondering what all those numbers actually mean. Functional Lab Evaluations help you understand the results of your lab evaluations so you can take action toward better health.


Your Functional Lab Evaluation includes:

  • Professional interpretation of your most recent blood tests and lab evaluations, including CBC, CMP, Iron, Thyroid, Inflammation, Minerals, Hormones and more…
  • Suggested nutritional and supplementation protocols targeted for your unique situation.
  • Included with the 12 Week Healthy Weight Loss Program
Your investment:

Let’s make sense of your labs