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Ep. 26 – From Diet to Edit – with Kelly Lutman

Kelly Lutman is a bestselling author, nutritional consultant, and the Founder of Pursue Wellness. She uses uses functional medicine principles to help her clients put disease into remission, without using drugs.

Kelly’s book, From Diet to Edit: Discover Freedom in a New Approach to Food, is about the problem with diets – they don’t work –  and how you can more effectively change your results through simple “edits.” As an added benefit, it’s also an easy and relaxing read.

Diets don’t work because they don’t teach modification for the long haul. However, by focusing on small edits, you can create lasting lifestyle changes.

These are some of the edits from Kelly’s book that I think are vital for my clients and audience:

  • Edit Your Pace – We’re a society on the run, and it’s hurting our health. We don’t realize that chewing is the only part of the digestion process that we can control, but taking the time to chew your food, and rest for a short period of time, assists the physical and chemical digestions processes.
  • Edit Your Portions – When you eat too quickly, you don’t feel full as full. You can use your hands to gauge a reasonable portion size: For protein, a reasonable portion for your body is about the size of the palm of your hand; for vegetables, two full hands (or one if it’s cooked); for fats, from the knuckle to the end of your thumb (1 to 2 tbsp of fat); for cheese, your full thumb length.
  • Edit Your Colors – “The colors in our food are actually an expression or a representation of the nutrients in our food, and the most colorful place you’ll find in the grocery store (besides the cereal box isle) is the produce section.”
  • Edit Your Sweeteners – Occasionally engaging your sweet tooth is only natural, but artificial sweeteners are not healthier. The chemical effects of artificial sweeteners can wreak havoc on your brain and body. Even better than real cane sugar – some raw local honey (as an added bonus, this can improve your seasonal allergies)!

Pick up your own copy of From Diet to Edit for more simple lifestyle changes and delicious recipes that will help you finally make changes in your health, without going on a diet.

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