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118. Emotional Eating & Rewiring the Brain with Michelle Kesil

Emotional eating can be a big struggle when trying to lose weight. But what if you could rewire the brain to break free from the cycle of emotional eating?

If you feel like you’ve tried everything, brain rewiring may be the missing piece of the puzzle. It was for Michelle Kesil, who used the technique to finally heal from her lifelong struggle of emotional reliance on food.

Michelle Kesil is an integrative health practitioner, certified brain rewiring coach, and host of the podcast Metamorphosis with Michelle. Michelle helps frustrated women ditch bloating and emotional eating for good by helping them uncover their physical and mental blocks to feeling well. She spent years feeling overworked and overstressed, causing her to experience severe chronic gut issues (like Candida, SIBO, and parasites), as well as low self-esteem. After dialing in her nutrition and supplementation, she realized she wouldn’t heal until she worked on the missing piece of the puzzle: her emotional health. Sick and tired of battling her inner critic, Michelle finally turned to brain rewiring, where she was able to identify and overcome the underlying triggers and limiting beliefs that kept her stuck in her chronic illness. She offers one-on-one coaching, as well as her new group coaching program, Emotional Eating Freedom.

We discuss how to use brain rewiring to reclaim your confidence, self-love, and sense of freedom, how to identify your emotional eating triggers, and how to adopt a successful approach to intuitive eating.

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