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123. Entering the Metaphysical Realm & Demystifying Akashik Records with Dr. Frances Yahia

Most people don’t have a good understanding of Akashic records – if they’ve heard of them at all.

Dr. Yahia, a mental health counselor, Akashic records reader, archetypal astrologer, podcast host, and college professor. She uses universal laws, metaphysics, mythology, and astrology to create theories and therapeutic tools to help clients heal subconscious wounds and transgenerational trauma. Her most recent book, The Seven Gates: Seven Steps Beyond Self-Awareness, is a 7-step model that teaches you how to take your power back.

She shares her life story and how she discovered this passion, gives us a basic rundown of what Akashic records are, the role of metaphysics in our life, and how her book breaks all of this down into something anyone can digest and put into practice.

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