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132. Vanish Aging and Chronic Illnesses with Jodi Franklin

So many people live with chronic illnesses – they suffer for years or decades, and, sometimes, they just give up trying to resolve the issue altogether. That didn’t sit well with Jodi Franklin.

After battling a chronic illness of her own, she entered the field of functional medicine in an attempt to understand her own issues as well as help others. Once she did, she couldn’t believe what she discovered: the keys to eliminating vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema, and many other diseases, as well as reversing the aging process.

Jodi Franklin is a certified practitioner of functional medicine and co-founder of Flory and Franklin, a functional medicine practice in Massachusetts. She has helped clients from all around the world reverse their chronic health issues without medication. Jodie specializes in chronic skin issues like vitiligo, psoriasis, and eczema. But she has also plunged herself deep into the studies of reversing aging of our skin – with spectacular results.

Dive in with me as I chat with Jodi about aging myths, how much the products we use every day can affect our aging (spoiler: it’s a lot), how our skin can reverse-age, and how certain chronic health issues can truly vanish using functional medicine.

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