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133. Common Doesn’t Mean Normal with Dr. Patrick Flynn

When your house burns down, a firefighter might put out the fire. But who picks up the pieces?

Dr. Patrick Flynn often uses this analogy in his practices – he refers to himself as a “carpenter doctor” – defining himself and his mission by resolving health issues instead of throwing pills at every patient.

Dr. Patrick Flynn, DC is the founder of The Wellness Way Clinics. He has attended numerous colleges and taken countless classes from prestigious learning institutions including Palmer College of Chiropractic, National Health Sciences, and the Harvard Medical School HMX fundamentals online certificate program in immunology, all of which have honed his focus on hormones and the immune system. 

As if that wasn’t enough, Dr. Flynn is the bestselling author of the book, I Disagree. His wildly popular public seminar, The Hormone Connection, has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people. He has trained thousands of doctors and his network is now comprised of over 80 clinics around the world. 

Learn Dr. Flynn’s opinion on the COVID vaccine, explore the hormonal differences between men and women (and why we’ve been looking at estrogen all wrong), and how we should be finding medical professionals that build us up – not just put out our fires. Stick around to hear him discuss the difference between “common” and “normal”.

Make sure to listen to this one – this might be my favorite episode ever!


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