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137. The Mindset Mentality with Steve Q Wiltshire

Mindset is a tool with truly untold potential. It can control our mood, our behavior, and – believe it or not – our day-to-day health. After a harrowing experience with his health, Steve Q Wiltshire immersed himself in the world of mindset, and now he uses that knowledge to help others to change their lives.

Fitness, health, and mentality have been Steve’s priority for three decades now. It all started when, shortly after winning the Mr. Your Oregon bodybuilding competition, he developed an autoimmune disease (as he puts it: “a condition”) originating from a serious gut complication. Almost everything he learned from experts, from radical meal plans to harsh chemicals and supplements, compromised his gut. 18 months after diagnosis, Steve had healed himself by following the philosophy and wellness practices taught by The Hippocrates Institute in South Florida.

Through Steve’s journey, he has developed a process that has allowed him to assist thousands of people in reclaiming their health and power. Steve is now a keynote speaker, author, and mindset coach. He is also the founder of Body Temple Health and Wellness.


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