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155. Beating the Inner Pig: How to Conquer Overeating with Dr. Glenn Livingston

Overeating is a problem that many of us face, but oftentimes “just stop” isn’t enough to dispel the desire. Fortunately, Dr. Glenn Livingston has made it his mission to quiet that inner voice.

Dr. Glenn Livingston, author of the book Never Binge Again, shares how to become an alpha wolf that defeats the inner pig – the voice in one’s head that encourages them to break their best-laid plans for nutrition and health. 

On today’s episode, Glenn will explain how overeating is really a problem targeting our reptilian brain and creating an addiction to artificial concentrations of pleasure that nature didn’t prepare us for. He shares some great suggestions to conquer overeating, such as never eating chocolate on a weekday, or disempowering the logic of the inner pig by reframing it as a “pig squealing for pig slop.” Additionally, he suggests that the bigger issue is food companies and their advertising, as they put things in food to make people want to eat more and advertise while people are sitting there. He advises to come up with one simple rule that points in the right direction but is not too restrictive, and to start with one simple rule without worrying about weight loss and to add more rules that will help you lose weight slowly.

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