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156. Glow Up with Chris Gibson: Unlocking the Secrets of Skincare, Nutrition, and Anti-Aging

Our skin covers our entire body—it’s the first thing people see, and it’s the first line of our body’s defense. It’s very important we take care of it—and Chris Gibson is just the man to teach us how.

Chris Gibson is a skincare expert and holistic health coach. He is the best-selling author of the book Acne Free in Three Days and has a successful YouTube channel dedicated to providing expert information and product reviews on skincare and wellness topics. He has been featured in USA Today, CBS, ABC Family, Fox News, and The Daily Buzz. 

In this episode of the Rebel Health Coach podcast, Chris shares his personal journey into the world of skincare. He experienced skin problems as a young child and was unable to find a solution through traditional medicine. He then discovered holistic approaches to health, such as fasting and probiotics, which eventually led him to write a book about his experience. The book was a success and led to him appearing on television and formulating skin care lines. 

Today we’ll talk about the importance of patch testing, sun protection, and vitamin A retinol for skin care, as well as the toxic ingredients to be aware of. We also talk about the importance of getting enough sleep and recognizing one’s skin type, as well as the benefits of leafy greens, lean meats, and omega-3s for skin care. Additionally, he discusses the importance of supplementing with Vitamin K2 for women over 35 and how intermittent fasting, physical activity, and stress management can help to roll back 3 years of biological aging. 

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Disclaimer: The activities and research discussed in these podcasts are suggestions only and are only advised to be undertaken following prior consultation with a health or medical professional. Fitness training, nutrition, and other physical pursuits should be tailored to the individual based upon an assessment of their personal needs.

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