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Ep. 28 – One Year Anniversary Show: The Past & Future of Three Roses Wellness

WOW, 1-year anniversary episode… What a year it has been!! I want to thank everyone who have taken the time to listen over the past year… much love and appreciation to you all. I am so very grateful for each one of you!!

In this episode, I want to talk about my journey, Three Roses Wellness, The Rebel Health Coach Podcast and what you have to look forward to over the next year. So grab yourself a cup of Four Sigmatic Coffee and chill out with me for a little bit. If you haven’t tried any of this delicious and healthy alternative to coffee, you can get 10% off your order by using the code REBELTHOM or going to

After years of struggling with my health, I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. I started to turn my health around and, this past July, I passed the board certification as a Functional Medicine Practitioner.

One thing I have learned through all this – forget about losing weight and just get your body healthy. If your body is healthy, you will lose weight because it is physically impossible to be overweight and have a healthy body!

I originally started a program called Weight Loss That Lasts, but I relaized that God has given me a greater purpose in this world. I want to give back by helping others reverse diseases and become healthy. So I switched gears and started Three Roses Wellness.

Three Roses Wellness comes from…

  • Three Roses represents the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Trinity
  • Three roses indicate abiding a) Love, b) Life, and c) Light.
  • In Christian lore, a rose bush was said to have grown at the site of Christ’s death. His blood serving is often associated with a red rose, combined with its thorns is thus symbolized the ultimate sacrifice.
  • A rose with eight petals is a message of rebirth and renewal.
  • Three roses are symbolic of a guiding principle
  • Red Rose: Sacrifice, Immortal love, Health, Memorial, Passion

Our Vision, Mission, and Values

  • Vision: Encourage and serve others to experience a healthy and holistic life every day
  • Mission: Coach those feeling trapped in unhealthy lifestyles to attain optimum health through quality nutrition and holistic health choices; honoring the life God has given them.
  • Values:  Christ Centered, Inspirational Change, Trusting Relationships, Individual Empowerment, Personal Integrity, Life-Affirming Methods, Caring Guidance

Podcasting is a lot of work, but I love it…

…and I love getting information out to you listeners:

Last but not least, this episode is dedicated to my Father, as was the first episode.

Thomas F Underwood, Sr., Rest in Peace.

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