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Ep. 1 – Thom Underwood: Getting to Know The Rebel Health Coach

Ep. 1 – Thom Underwood: Getting to Know The Rebel Health Coach

Welcome to the first episode of The Rebel Health Coach podcast! Today Tony Loyd of the Social Entrepreneur podcast is interviewing Thom Underwood, Founder of Weight Loss that Lasts and The Rebel Health Coach. Thom will host future episodes of The Rebel Health Coach, but we wanted to kick things off with a little bit of background information, what to expect from the podcast, what to look for in the future, how he came up with the name, and the problems that he’s solving in the world today. 

In February 2007 Thom was tired of feeling tired all the time. He weighed 282 lbs, his cholesterol level was off the charts, and he was pre-diabetic. It was a harsh reality check, but it helped him realize he wanted to take his life back and become healthy. His first big step was joining a gym and starting kickboxing. Later he learned about the Paleo diet and became acquainted with real food. By 2012 he had dropped down to 195 lbs.

“I lost pretty much a whole Backstreet Boy.”

In 2015 Thom became a certified Health & Wellness Coach through the University of Integrative Nutrition. From there, he set off on a mission to help people get healthy the right way. The Rebel Health Coach is about following the path to health that works for you, as opposed to following a system or product. We don’t fit into a cookie-cutter mold, and neither does our health.

“A diet is a four-letter word. You have to enjoy your life also.”

Thom sees a health crisis in America. The national health system is designed to treat disease, but it doesn’t get to the root of the problem: our unhealthy lifestyles. Thom wants to fix the things that are broken, he doesn’t want to treat the symptoms.

Weight Loss That Lasts is about changing your perspective and making lifestyle changes so that the weight loss lasts forever. It’s not a system, it’s a series of lifestyle changes that help you live differently. 

“I wanted to teach people the lifestyle changes that are necessary to keep the weight off forever.”

Thom wants to help everyone get healthier, even if they cannot afford his programs. He is starting a nonprofit called Three Roses Wellness, which will use donations to help applicants create a flexible program. It will eventually evolve into a ministry of helping people who need the help and can’t afford the help. 

“I feel very strongly that if you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.”

Special thanks to Tony Loyd for hosting our first episode, and you listen to more of his great interviews on the Social Entrepreneur Podcast. Thom will be back in two weeks with another episode packed full of tips, tricks, and hacks that will help listeners find the path to health that works for them. Make sure you head over to iTunes, Stitcher or Google Play and subscribe so that you don’t miss a single tip.


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