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Ep. 108 – The Art & Science of Undermining Cancer – with Dr. Francisco Contreras

Cancer is one of the world’s largest health problems, with an estimated 9.56 million people dying prematurely due to cancer in 2017.

There are several factors contributing to the rise of cancer in our lives, but one of the main ones is the environment we live in — which affects our food, stress, sleep, and what we put on our bodies. It’s time we start looking at cancer in a nonconventional way since what we are doing now clearly isn’t working.

Dr. Francisco Contreras is a cancer specialist renowned for integrating alternative therapies with conventional cancer treatment. For the last 38 years, he has treated tens of thousands of patients who have come from more than 60 countries seeking alternative cancer treatment at his Oasis of Hope Hospital in Mexico. He has spoken around the world and appeared on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox & Friends. He is the author of twelve books, including his new release “The Art & Science of Undermining Cancer.”

“Health is the equilibrium between ourselves and our environment.”

We have disregarded so many parts of our environment, especially in the production of food, that are meant to preserve the life on a shelf but shorten our own lifespan in exchange. It’s important that we all focus on getting our diets in check so that our immune systems are not distracted and fully present to fight the disease. Everything depends on the immune system.

David and Goliath

Our fight with cancer is similar to the famous story of David versus Goliath. It feels as if the fight is so enormous that there is no way we could possibly beat it. But with the right approach it is definitely possible. There are a few lessons to be learned from this story that can be applied to the fight against cancer:

  • Be courageous no matter how large the enemy is.
  • Listen to your positive inner voice and the encouraging words of the Lord.
  • Protect yourself from the negative words and thoughts of others.

It is of the utmost importance that you remain hopeful. Cancer is not a death sentence. There’s no guarantee how many any of us are going to be around, but while we are here, we need to negotiate for life.

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