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Ep. 11 – Dan DeFigio: Sugar, and Diabetes, and Carbs, Oh My!

Currently, in the United States, there are over 29 million people with diabetes – 8.1 million people are undiagnosed and unaware. It’s not just an epidemic… it’s a crisis!

Dan DeFigio is on the show today to teach you how our nation got into this crisis, and how you can make incremental changes that prevent sugar cravings and improve your life. 

Dan DeFigio is the bestselling author of Beating Sugar Addiction For Dummies and several other books. Dan also serves as the Director of Basics and Beyond fitness & nutrition, based in Nashville, Tennessee, where he does his work as a professional trainer, nutrition counselor, and author. He holds a number of prestigious national and international certifications and is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine.

Dan DeFigio has been featured on CNN’s Fit Nation, The Dr. Phil Show, SELF magazine, Personal Fitness Professional, and MD News, and is a popular guest on podcasts and radio shows worldwide.

How did our country fall into a sugar crisis?

  • Sugar is pervasive, cheap, and readily available… and socially acceptable. Unlike alcohol or cocaine, there is no stigma attached to the highly-addictive substance that is sugar.
  • The fat-free craze of the ‘90s encouraged food companies to remove fat… and replaced the taste with sugar and chemicals.
  • Sugar is sneaky (well, food manufacturers)! It goes by a lot of other names that you may not recognize.

How do people get addicted to sugar? We condition ourselves to reach for sugar in certain situations…

  • Comfort. You reach for something that is familiar, or something that you think will make you happy.
  • Energy. You’re crashing so they reach for a pick me up.
  • Convenience. “A lot of times, unless you set yourself up correctly, convenient equals junk food.”

If you have a sugar craving and you want to battle it with a healthier alternative, pick up your FREE copy of the 3 Steps to Killing Your Sugar Cravings guide. Also, make sure you’re hydrated! Thirst and dehydration will make your body crave sugar due to the way our brains are wired.

If you want to transform your health through small, positive changes, you should check out Dan’s Sugar Free Me course. It’s a self-directed online course that will help you make gradual improvements, be more intentional with your eating, and change your eating habits. It is NOT a one-size-fits-all process or diet.




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Disclaimer: The activities and research discussed in these podcasts are suggestions only and are only advised to be undertaken following prior consultation with a health or medical professional. Fitness training, nutrition, and other physical pursuits should be tailored to the individual based upon an assessment of their personal needs.


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