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Ep. 22 – Top 13 Choices for Feeling Fantastic – with Rockstar Health Coaching

Dainna Pearlman is the Director and Head Health Coach at Rockstar Health Coaching, a functional medicine practice that aims to pick up the slack where traditional medicine systems ‘fail’ people. They ask questions (and listen) to discover the interconnectedness in your unique body so they can offer a tailored personal approach that helps you take charge of your health.

We sit down for a fun discussion about the 13 fantastic choices that will help you feel fantastic. Try to start doing just one or two of these things and see how you feel – if you feel better, start incorporating more of these healthy lifestyle choices!

  1. Prioritize sleep.
  2. Go outside to absorb Vitamin D, and check your Vitamin D at least twice a year. Fun fact: In North America, we can only get sun on our skin and convert it to Vitamin D from April to October.
  3. Eat real food. You can find your local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) at
  4. Be aware of and consider your food sensitivities. Try to temporarily remove foods from your diet to see how you feel, and trust your intuition.
  5. Eat as much organic as you can find and afford. Don’t forget those CSAs from tip #3!
  6. Take time to play! Be active and move your body.
  7. Use only healthy oils at home: cold pressed olive oil, coconut oil, grass-fed butter.
  8. Avoid fluoride.
  9. Sugar, sweeteners, and foods made with flour should be 10% of your diet – not 90% of your diet.
  10. Drink plenty of clean water every day. Do whatever you can to filter your water, or just drink more.
  11. Stop shoulding yourself – do what you can and what feels correct for your body, and don’t make yourself feel bad for other things you ‘should’ be doing.
  12. Reduce the toxins you consume and put on your body. Check the toxicity of the products you purchase using Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep online database or app.
  13. Be a part of something wonderful that is bigger than yourself.

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Disclaimer: The activities and research discussed in these podcasts are suggestions only and are only advised to be undertaken following prior consultation with a health or medical professional. Fitness training, nutrition, and other physical pursuits should be tailored to the individual based upon an assessment of their personal needs.

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