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Ep. 3 – Jason Colleran: Muscle Activation Techniques – Get From the Couch to the Gym

Welcome back to Rebel Health Coach. Today’s guest, Jason Colleran, is a Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) specialist and the Founder of Elite Edge Fitness.

“This isn’t the military. Exercise should not hurt. It should be good for your body.”

Muscle Activation Technique specialists provide in-depth biomechanical evaluations to assess what is causing symptoms like inflammation, chronic pain and fatigue. Many modalities only address symptoms, but MAT specialists look at what the root cause of a problem is.

Muscle Activation Techniques involve active and passive range of motion assessments to identify tight areas and look for any asymmetry. Just stretching that tight area can compromise the protective mechanism keeping you stable, so the goal is to restore balance.

“If you walk into a gym and don’t get personal attention then just turn around and walk out. They’re not there for you.”

Elite Edge Fitness doesn’t have a preset protocol for new members. Everyone is different, so they have to address everyone as an individual. First they make new members feel comfortable, because “everyone has a first day here.” They use strategic progression to assure that the workouts are both safe and effective.

“We really pride ourselves on making it safe and effective.”

If you are just starting out at Elite Edge Fitness, you may not even participate in a whole session. They don’t want members to over train. Other gyms want you to go as hard as you can day one, but when you put all of that force on your neuromuscular system you can also affect the endocrine and immune systems. “You’re throwing off all these systems in your body because you trashed your nervous system.”

Jason warns against going into a CrossFit program right off the couch. Our bodies aren’t meant to do a lot of those exercises and pushing yourself too hard with one prescribed process can lead to injury or illness. Pain is an indicator that something is wrong, but they have built a culture that thinks it’s cool to just keep pushing.

“To me, flopping around like a fish is not exercise.”

You can’t learn anything in a weekend course or certification course, which are common in the fitness industry. Over the past six years, Jason has invested over $60,000 and thousands of hours into continuing education to improve the services offered at Elite Edge Fitness.

When you are looking for a trainer, you want to look for the letters RTS behind their name – Resistance Training Specialist. With RTS, you know that the trainer has gone above and beyond and you know that they are there to help people.  

You can find Elite Edge Fitness at 3550 Broad Street, Chamblee, GA or learn more at their website.





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