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Ep. 32 – The 5 Invisible Variables That Will Make Or Break Your Mind, Body & Spirit – with Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield is the author of the New York Times bestseller Beyond Training and one of the country’s leading personal trainers and wellness consultants. He also host The Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast, which I highly suggest you listen to – it’s one of the most listened to podcasts in the fitness and wellness industry, and for good reason.

I had the pleasure of hearing Ben talk at a conference last year about the 5 invisible variables that will make or break your mind, body, and spirit, and I’m excited to share those with you today.



  • Air pollution is one of the most studied types of pollutions, and unfortunately it’s unavoidable in many areas of the world. Large particulates triggers inflammation in our bodies, which can then lead to worse disease.
  • The NASA Clean Air Study found that certain common indoor plants may provide a natural way of removing toxic agents such as benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene from the air.
  • Certain nutrients, including omega-3 fats and B vitamins, may buffer some of the health effects of air pollution.
  • Air diffusers, combined with essential oils, can also be valuable. Pine, cinnamon, and mint are great for diffusing in office or home. Lavender, rose, and bergamot are good for diffusing in bedroom.



  • The average office, gym, and (unfortunately) average person’s home is usually void of clean, pure, electrically charged water.
  • A Reverse osmosis filter with remineralization or structured water filter can more effectively filter your water.
  • Avoid additional chemicals from plastic by using a glass bottle for your water, at home or on the go.



  • Every time you use electricity and electrical appliances, you are exposed to electric and magnetic fields (EMFs), sometimes referred to as “dirty electricity.”
  • This radiation can cause headaches, vision problems, anxiety, irritability, depression, nausea, fatigue, disturbed sleep, and poor physical performance.
  • In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), an arm of the World Health Organization (WHO), declared cell phones a Class B Carcinogen.
  • You can protect yourself with negative ion generators, dirty electricity filters, himalayan rock salt lamps, faraday shields, and by limiting your exposure to things like wi-fi signals using timers.
  • You can learn more in Ben’s eBook, How To Biohack the Ultimate Healthy Home.



  • We are exposed to a non-natural lights throughout our day. These are not only harmful to your eyes – they can even be a potential carcinogen.
  • Iris and f.lux can help block out the blue light and flickering from a computer screen
  • Blue light blocking glasses can… well, block blue light.
  • You can use biological LEDs in your home, instead of flourescent.
  • You can’t hack everything, though – you also need to get outside and expose yourself to natural light.



  • In The Blue Zones of Happiness: Lessons From the World’s Happiest People, Dan Buettner looked at a few areas of the world where the people live longer than average. What he found was that, consistently, these populations place a high value on love, relationships, and societal interactions.
  • “You need to surround yourself with people you can love and laugh with. You need to go to bed without anger or hatred or bitterness in your heart… Live your life in a spirit of forgiveness and love. Start your day with gratitude, and end your day with prayer and thankfulness.”

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