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Ep. 34 – Exploring One of My Favorite Biohacks: Impact Cryotherapy – with Nancy Story

For today’s episode, I ventured out of my office to record on location, in one of my favorite places to chill: Impact Cryotherapy. I join Nancy Story, Manager of Retail Operations here at the Impact studio, to discuss cryotherapy, in addition to the other modalities offered here.


Impact Cryotherapy is a company that manufactures and sells the Impact Cryosauna booth, and this studio is actually their first physical location.


Impact’s cryosauna is different from others you may find throughout the world for a few reasons:


  • They register the temperature differently than other places, and monitor the sessions closely so that they can tailor it to specific clients. In fact, the cold can be more even than in other equipment, and reach lower temperatures.
  • It’s an octagon-shaped, stand-up chamber that chills the skin temperature, without chilling the core.
  • And while some companies resell a product manufactured elsewhere, the Impact Cryotherapy team is closely aligned with the creation, sale, and maintenance of their products (even those in other physical locations).


“Once you’re an impact client, we’ll do everything we can to take care of you.”


What are the benefits?

  • It’s an extremely effective anti-inflammatory response – all over your body – which promote healing, boosts your metabolism, bolsters your immune system, and increases your energy.
  • Because of the dry air environment, your body can tolerate it, and responds to it very quickly.
  • You only need three minutes to get the effects, as opposed 15-25 minutes in an ice bath.
  • By increasing your circulation, cryotherapy filters the lymphatic system.
  • Cryo is also a natural way to promote collagen production.


And it’s not just something to only do when you’re hurting – cryotherapy can also prevent future hurting and aide individuals with mobility issues.

All the way around, in my experience, a session in a cryosauna just feels rejuvenating!

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