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Ep. 47 – Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy: Menopause Prevention & Female Hormone Health (Part 4) – with Marie Hoäg

Today I’m joined again by Marie Hoäg to learn more about female hormone health, particularly menopause prevention.

Marie is an independent clinical hormone medicine consultant for patients and healthcare practitioners. She has an extensive professional hormone coaching background, working for over 15 years in a specialty hormone medicine clinic with thousands of male and female, cisgender and transgender patients. She has experience with all forms of hormone therapy, both as a clinician coach and through personal experience as a hormone patient utilizing virtually every method and kind of hormone therapy available.

Marie is also the founder and CEO of Panacea Sciences, a research and educational health sciences company that offers advanced education and clinical application training for physicians and physician extenders who want to learn how to intelligently administer advanced bioidentical hormone therapy to get women’s hormones to their Hormone Sweet Spot™.

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Why keep a woman from menopause?

To understand the significance of this question, you have to understand the impact estrogen has on the mind and body of a woman – in reality, it affects every function in the female body and every cell down to the nucleus.

So when it becomes estrogen deficient, called Hypoestrogenism, no matter the age or the cause of the deficiency, women will feel it in their body and mind. And this doesn’t just happen during menopause. It can happen at any age.

Learn more about this in Marie’s article, “Menopause is a choice.”

How do you keep a woman from going into menopause?

The right hormones, dosed in the right amounts, and administered in the right manner, coupled with the right diet and lifestyle to enhance the clinical efficacy of the hormones.

What is the “Hormone Sweet Spot”?

A clinical destination – it’s when you know your hormones are balanced!

Marie determines where her clients are in relation to this sweet spot by measuring clinical indicators with blood serum levels.

“We know women of any age is in her “Hormone Sweet Spot”™ when she cannot imagine feeling any better than she does, and her blood serum lab results concur… Each woman, no matter her age, has her own Hormone Sweet Spot™ that can be clinically obtained by practitioners who are professionally taught the clinical algorithm.”

Learn more: “What are optimal hormone levels?”

What are the four generations of HRT?

  • 1st Generation – Oral pills, synthetic, lowest dose possible for the shortest amount of time, static dosing, no real education/training, and stops working in weeks.
  • 2nd Generation – Compounded, bioidentical (this is the biggest difference between generation one and two), lowest dose possible for the shortest amount of time, static doses, some education (but not a lot), no clinical application training, designed to treat symptoms of hormone deficiencies (but not fix them), and stops working in months.
  • 3rd Generation – Compounded, bioidentical, derived from a plant but still synthesized, medium dose, rhythmically administered (mimicking the natural physiology of each hormone), minimal theory education, no clinical application training. It’s better than 1st and 2nd generation in terms of clinical outcomes, but still only about 20% effective.
  • 4th Generation – Compounded, bioidentical, physiological dosing (doses mimic a woman’s hormones in her reproductive prime), clinically effective dosing schedule, rhythmically administered, clinical algorithm, standardized customizable system, eliminates hormone deficiencies (not just the symptoms), 80-90% clinically effective, and sustainable “Hormone Sweet Spot”™.

Pellets – why are they so bad?

This is 2nd generation HRT, what Marie calls the “The load ‘em up and let them fall” method. It ends up treating a woman like a gas tank, filling her up for a few months until it runs out… but that’s not how you achieve the optimal hormone levels in women!

It has more training and is more heavily pushed than many other forms of HRT, but don’t let that fool you. This is actually a recipe for estrogen dominance.

How the heck do you find a good physician for HRT?

You want to evaluate the physician’s website and ask them questions to assess their mindset:

  • What kind of hormones does this doctor prescribe and what labs do they take? That will dictate what you get in treatment.
  • Do they believe the myth that estrogen causes cancer? Because then you’re definitely not going to get the treatment you need.
  • Do you have any clinical goals that you’re shooting for?

Why Incorporate a Health Coach?

Getting to the “Hormone Sweet Spot”™ is a transformational process over a period of time with specific dietary and lifestyle recommendations as hormones are optimizing. The formally trained hormone health coach aids in this process and works in tandem with your HRT prescriber to help women get to their personal “Hormone Sweet Spot”.

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