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Ep. 5 – OrangeTheory: Kick Off the New Year With a Fun Fitness Plan

72% of people fall off their New Year’s resolutions in the first month of the year.

Don’t let that be you.


In this episode, Bronni Karatassos, the head trainer at OrangeTheory Fitness Sandy Springs, shares how you can make your healthy New Year’s resolution easier – and more fun!

If you have a resolution to lose weight then you should check out OrangeTheory’s next event. The coaches will support you, and the reward will help keep you going to the gym!  

The OrangeTheory 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge runs from January 16th – February 27th, 2017. Each studio will be running their own challenge. One male and one female will win $500.

I’m a big fan of OrangeTheory workouts. The programs are fun, personalized and change every week. Your 55-minute session incorporates music, instruction and the Splat point system to help you monitor your progress.

Splat points are awarded for each minute you spend with your heart rate elevated. The goal isn’t to have the most points – the goal is to create an afterburn.

The theory behind OrangeTheory and the Splat point system is that, after 12-25 minutes of elevated heart rate during a workout, you will create an afterburn. An afterburn means that, for the next 24-36 hours, you will have a slow, low calorie burn.

The points let you track your progress during a single session, and over time.

“That’s the game changer in OrangeTheory and that’s why we’re so successful – You give us an hour of your time, and we’re going to give you a 24-36 hour calorie burn for the rest of the day and into the next day.”

If you get bored easily, or if you’re OCD like me, you’ll really enjoy the OrangeTheory programs.

You’ll also never experience the same workout from week to week. This keeps your sessions diverse and more fun, and your muscles are getting challenged in a different way each time you come in.

“There are no rules are OrangeTheory. If this is a first time workout, if you haven’t worked out in six months, we want to ease you into the shallow end. We certainly aren’t going to take you into the deep end and let you drown.”

The changing programs and supportive coaches at OrangeTheory make it an easy and fun place for beginners to get fit in the New Year. Plus, your first workout is always free!

OrangeTheory is most effective when you go to the gym four times a week. They’re so confident it will work that they have a money back guarantee, for the first month, if you’re not getting results and you’re going at least three times a week.





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