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Ep. 50 – My Weight Loss Journey, Holistic Wellness Tips, & Celebrating 50 Episodes

Welcome to the 50th Episode of the Rebel Health Coach Podcast. First I would like to take a minute and thank each and every one of you for listening. It means a lot to me!!

People kept saying, “Thom you should start a podcast… it’s easy!” Well, this isn’t as easy as people said it was going to be… as a matter of fact it is a lot of work. But I couldn’t be happier doing it!

I would like to thank my good friend Chel Hamilton from Meditation Minis for getting me started. She was a guest on Episode 17 and her podcast is one I frequently recommend to clients who need some guided meditation and are crunched for time.

I know that the Rebel Health Coach Podcast is a small fish in a big pond, and my goal for this podcast is to cover all things health and wellness – meditation, self-love, food, hormones, supplements, and beyond. It’s a grand goal, but if just one of my shows changes someone’s life, I have done my job!!

Like I said my goal is to change peoples lives in this crazy world we live in!

I’d like to offer a quick review of the most downloaded episodes of the show so far. If you haven’t already listened to them all, I high recommend going back and checking these out:


My Weight Loss Journey & Tips

I would like to take a minute and go back to one of the most basic and most important topics in the health and wellness field: weight loss.

The U.S. weight loss market is estimated to be worth $70 billion in 2018 and climbing. Continued high rates of obesity and overweight, coupled with low unemployment and higher disposable income, are boosting the market.

Yet more than 95% gain weight back after they lose it.

Why does this happen? Mindset and bad habits are the biggest culprits, but let’s not forget to mention the root cause of many people’s weight problems: gut health, food allergies, insulin resistance, hormone health, and sometimes even prescriptions.

I suggest going back and listening to The Optimal Health Model: Maximize, Minimize, & Prioritize Series

In Episode 35, I discuss maximizing what is needed for our bodies to thrive.

Then in Episode 41, I discuss minimizing the things that are harmful to our bodies.

Lastly, in Episode 45 I discuss prioritizing the things that create an environment for healing.

The reason I want to address this today is I saw this image on Facebook about a 30-Day Challenge.

What do all of the things listed have in common? They are all man-made foods…with the exception of Potatoes, which I feel should not be on this list, Nothing wrong with a Sweet Potato!! So does this feel so difficult for people to do?

Now, do I eat healthy 100% of the time? No, absolutely not! I enjoy Aunt Bettie’s cake on her Birthday, and I enjoy a pint of Chunky Monkey once a Month.

I like to practice a 90/10 rule; feeding my body what it needs to thrive 90 percent of the time, and feeding my indulgences 10 percent of the time.

Because, in my opinion, DIET is a 4 letter word.

This is a lifestyle change, not rocket science. You just have to eat real food – although I totally understand that this is a hard habit to break.

There is no quick fix, there is no magic pill, and there is no miraculous MLM supplement. I want you to be healthy, and I want to celebrate with you! Is it easy? Nope. But believe me, nothing beats the feeling you get when…

  • you have to go buy clothes 2 sizes smaller
  • you get positive feedback
  • you don’t have to get that Rx filled every month

I know – I lived this!!

I was 289lbs in February of 2007. I feel your pain, and that is exactly why I decided to take this journey so that I can help people get healthy, change, overcome the BS in their head, and fix the root causes of weight gain.

We don’t have a health care system, we have a sick care system – so stop the madness and take control over your own destiny and life.

I did and so can you, and I am here to help you if you need support. And if we are not a good fit, I know some very talented and compassionate people that I can recommend you to.

Now, I am not your guy if you want to lose weight for a wedding, for a photo shoot, for swimsuit season, Honestly, I don’t want to help you if that is what you’re looking for.

I want to help you create a lifestyle for the rest of your life! I want to help you live a life you enjoy! I want you to send me pictures of you walking your daughter down the aisle, playing with your grandchildren – what I want for you is long-term health and wellness!

I want to help you become the best version of yourself so that when you see that same image I saw on Facebook, you’ll say, “Hell, that’s easy! I do that every day.”

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Disclaimer: The activities and research discussed in these podcasts are suggestions only and are only advised to be undertaken following prior consultation with a health or medical professional. Fitness training, nutrition, and other physical pursuits should be tailored to the individual based upon an assessment of their personal needs.

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