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Ep. 54 – KNEW Health: Creating a More Sustainable Healthcare Model – with James Maskell

I want to start off today’s episode with a big thank you to my guest, James Maskell, for making me aware of functional medicine and kickstarting the journey I’m on today (even if he didn’t know it).

Before I started with the School of Applied Functional Medicine, I read his book, The Evolution of Medicine, and was attending Monthly meetings at the Amen Clinic here in Atlanta to watch the Functional Forum as a group.

So, again, a big thank you!


Who is James Maskell?

James Maskell has spent the past decade encouraging a shift away from conventional western medicine and toward a wellness-centered, functional medicine model. To that end, he created Functional Forum, the world’s largest integrative medicine conference.

He’s also the founder of the Evolution of Medicine, a community e-commerce platform that provides highly curated and customized resources, tools, products, and services, making it easier and more affordable for conventional doctors to embark on a new way of delivering healthcare.

But I brought James on the show to talk about the launch an incredible new project: a health cooperative called KNEW Health, which is poised to fight chronic disease through prevention and by using functional & integrative medicine.


What is KNEW Health?

I love this quote from James: “Together, we can disrupt the current healthcare model, shifting the paradigm away from the over-dependency on an allopathic, disease-centered model, to create a more sustainable, preventative system.”

To bring people together behind this mission, James has been traveling the country with the KNEW Vision Tour, a 22-city, grass-roots effort dedicated to massively raising national awareness about functional medicine as the solution to our nation’s health crisis.

He’s been, of course, sharing his vision for KNEW Health and the integrated set of services that it offers members, which James calls the 5 C’s: Culture, Community, Coaching, Care, and Cost Sharing.

There’s already over a million Americans (including myself) using medical cost sharing models to offset medical costs, similar to insurance but without the same limitations. However, KNEW expands on this concept with a fully realized health plan. Plus, KNEW Health is the first entirely non-denominational medical cost sharing program in the U.S.

“As long as you’re interested in health and wellness and participate in a healthy lifestyle, you can be part of the KNEW community.”

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