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Ep. 57 – Get Off the Hormonal Roller Coaster – with Justine Cécile

I’m so tired, but I can’t sleep. I’m hot and then I’m cold, covers off, then covers on all night long. I’m snapping at everyone and I don’t know why. I’m exercising more and eating less, and gaining weight! I can’t get rid of the roll in the middle.

Does any of this sound familiar?

It might be because you are an unwilling passenger on the hormonal roller coaster!

To help us get off this terrible ride, we’re joined by Justine Cécile, a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner supporting professional women who are struggling with raging hormones, even when they are on hormone therapy.  While working on herself and with clients, Justine discovered that there are three areas in women’s health that are largely ignored: hormonal health as a whole, gut health, and how our mind works with our biology. Realizing that we are responsible for our own health, Justine Cécile brings her personal experience, education, and resources together to guide and mentor women to regain control of their health and happiness.

But hormonal conflicts don’t exclude men, we just don’t usually talk about it – so everyone should be paying attention!

What is the Hormone Roller Coaster?

As you get older, your hormones really begin to fluctuate because all the years of abuse on your body have caught up with you. This may include chronic day to day stress, over or under exercising, poor diet, environmental toxins, or stress on the gut that is creating poor nutrient absorption. All of these factors, believe it or not, have a direct impact on your hormone balance – and this doesn’t exclude men, so listen up!

What Contributes to this Hormonal Imbalance?

  • Diminished gut health; yeast and/or bacterial overgrowths, pathogen infections
  • Insufficient enzyme production and nutritional deficiencies
  • Trauma, excessive stress (internal & external) and ‘Adrenal Fatigue’
  • High carbohydrate diet – unstable blood sugar
  • Inadequate sleep, lack of rest and poor energy management
  • Poor detoxification function and toxicity
  • Poor hormone regulation – estrogen dominance; overweight, over supplementation

Why has it become normal that women, in particular, should EXPECT a natural part of their reproductive health to cause such problems?

Considering that it’s a natural process that every man and woman will go through during the natural process of their life, why has it become such a… thing?

For instance, speak to just about any woman who’s ‘of a certain age’ and she’ll most likely tell you horror stories of what she’s going through with hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal dryness, sexual discomfort, lack of libido, and metabolic disturbances. Dig a little deeper and you’ll no doubt hear those same women not only tell you that they’ve been fearing these challenges for decades, and that they’ve actually been expecting them. But why?

Could it be that the there’s something we don’t know, have forgotten, or even that we’ve been mistaught about how our hormones work that has taken us away from what our bodies naturally want to do as they age, and instead has contributed to increasingly damaging and destructive imbalances that threaten our health in countless ways?

Could it also be that the solution is simpler than we tend to think, closer than we tend to believe, and easier than we ever dared to hope? Justine thinks so.

Instead of addressing a symptom, low levels of hormones, you need to dig deeper and broader.  We need to get back to basics. Your body knows what to do as long as you pay attention to what it’s telling you, you provide the building blocks and resources it needs, and give it some space to do its job: reduce stress.

Hormones don’t work in isolation, and if you’re experiencing a rough time during a period of life that is natural; something is missing and something needs to be addressed, but it’s not necessarily trying to go back to previous levels of hormones.

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