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Ep. 6 – Jimmy Moore: Ketogenics & Fasting

Today, Jimmy Moore joins me to discuss a Ketogenic Diet, Ketosis and Intermittent Fasting! Jimmy is best known for his Livin’ LaVida Low-Carb blog and podcast. He is also the author of The Ketogenic Cookbook, Keto Clarity, Cholesterol Clarity and his new book The Complete Guide to Fasting. In 2004, at 32 years of age and 410 pounds, Jimmy made the decision to take off the weight that was literally killing him.

The time had come for a radical lifestyle change. A year later, he had lost 180 pounds and shrunk his waistline by 20 inches. This phenomenal weight loss enabled him to come off prescription drugs for high cholesterol, high blood pressure and respiratory problems. What’s the difference between a ketogenic diet and the average person’s diet?

  • “Most people walking around the Earth right now are sugar burners. I would probably guess that maybe 90-95% of the world’s population is primarily burning sugar for fuel.”
  • Even if you aren’t eating sugary food, many foods break down into Glucose to provide energy to your body.
  • There is another form of energy you can use for fuel, which is not sugar, called Ketones.

So, a ketogenic diet is a high-fat, moderate protein and low-carb diet. It primarily works by lowering insulin levels, producing ketones and increasing fat burning. The first step to cut all sources of sugar from your diet:

  • All carbohydrates
  • Starchy foods, including some vegetables
  • Over-consuming protein causes your body to convert excess protein to glucose

To reach a ketogenic state, you need to eat quality fats like coconut oil, grass-fed butter, ghee (clarified butter), lard, whole-fat eggs, avocados, 100% olive oil, raw nuts or full-fat cheeses. You also need some protein, like nitrate-free, pastured bacon.

“When you are nourishing your body well, you don’t feel the need to eat according to the clock. You eat according to your satiety.”

Another important element in Jimmy’s lifestyle change was intermittent fasting, or regular periods of fasting for 12-24 hours. The health benefits of fasting include lowering insulin levels, lowering A1C levels and improving gut health. Jimmy explores all of his experience with fasting in The Complete Guide to Fasting. You can learn more about Jimmy, Ketosis and fasting at     Resources:

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