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Ep. 62 – HUSO: What’s The Frequency, Kenneth? – with Bill Flanagan

For many years, our guest Bill Flanagan conducted research and clinical trials at UCI integrating ancient healing modalities into western medical models for the ultimate benefit of patients. Today, he’s sharing what he learned  as a licensed acupuncturist and the CEO of HUSO, Inc.

So, what is HUSO?

HUSO stands for Human Sound, and it is a patented technology that uses individual sound frequencies sourced directly from human toning (think Tibetan monks or native American sound healers) to restore a state of health and wellbeing to the body.

You might have heard me talk about HUSO over the last few episodes, and that’s because it has recently changed my life. 80-90% of illness is related to stress, and I happen to be one of those people who have a difficult time staying in a Parasympathetic Mode – but this has really been helping during a stressful period of my life.

HUSO tones are created with unique frequencies recorded from the human voice. They have added a combination of harmonics in order to create a specific restorative oscillation. These oscillating sound frequencies are introduced to the brain through headphones and to the body through pads on acupuncture points at wrists and ankles. They have found that this combination of auditory and sensory inputs greatly enhances HUSO’s ability to create an autonomic nervous system balance in the user.

HUSO sound effects the body through the scientific principles of resonance and entrainment. This results in creating a shift of the autonomic nervous system from a sympathetic (fight or flight) state to a parasympathetic (resting and healing) state.  When the autonomic nervous system is balanced the body functions at an optimal level.

There is no electrical current in the treatment, everything coming through both headphones and pads is oscillating sound. HUSO is designed with utmost attention to detail and for optimization of results, from hand-made wrist and ankle pads, to our lossless sound delivery system.

Some of the major benefits of HUSO are:

  • Improved focus and mental clarity during workouts and competition
  • Accelerated recovery post-event and after workouts
  • Greatly reduces stress and anxiety (including performance anxiety)
  • Users report significant improvements in overall sleep quality
  • Greatly enhances the effectiveness of other training techniques
  • Non-invasive and easy to use

Why Human Sound?

Human-generated sound is the most effective carrier and delivery system of beneficial frequency to the body, when compared to frequencies or tones that are machine or digitally produced, or tones created through the use of musical instruments, singing bowls, or tuning forks.

Our brain and body are hard-wired to readily resonate and entrain with the human voice, and the human voice can elicit not only a physiological response, but often a powerful, transcendent, and transformative emotional one as well.

Why sound instead of light?

Our bodies are 60% to 75% water, and sound waves are capable of penetrating more deeply, maintaining their integrity longer, and traveling for much farther distances in a liquid medium than light waves. Water molecules surround and are contained within our DNA, RNA, and mitochondria. The ability for these cell components to function, to send, receive, and properly interpret inter and intra-cellular signaling at an optimal level depends, to a great extent, on the structural integrity of this surrounding water, which can be destabilized by toxic substances and certain electromagnetic signals.

Laboratory tests have shown that specific frequencies within the range of the human voice and their harmonics can re-form destabilized water molecules back to structural integrity and that this, in turn, can significantly improve the performance of in vitro DNA.

What are the effects of HUSO on EMFs?

EMF stands for “electromagnetic field.” Almost everything in the Universe, from the largest planets to the smallest atoms that make up our cells, have their own unique electromagnetic field, made up of frequencies generated by that thing. These frequencies are very subtle and as individual as fingerprints. They are  the alphabet that everything in the cosmos uses to communicate and regulate.

This includes the cells of our body, which generates signals to communicate and regulate all the systems within the body and the systems within each cell. The consistent maintenance of our health and wellbeing depends on the integrity of this signaling process.

But these naturally occurring frequencies are not the problem. We are now being exposed to manmade frequencies from Wi-Fi technology, and all the devices that use this technology. These devices creates frequencies that are not natural, and that are much more powerful than the subtle frequencies we rely on to maintain health and balance.

These artificial frequencies override and alter the subtle frequencies that the cells need in order to function correctly. They scramble the language that the cells use, disrupt the signaling and create static. The cells then start sending faulty messages unrecognizable to the body, and systems begin to break down, affecting our health and wellbeing.

HUSO can directly counter the effects of harmful EMFs by recalibrating the biofield of the body to its healthy resonant frequency. It introduces a healthy frequency that entrains with the scrambled frequencies caused by exposure to these damaging electromagnetic fields, creating a resonant response in the body and brain to reestablish a state of harmony.

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