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Ep. 81 – A Guide to Yoga Wisdom Beyond the Mat – with Kelly Dinardo

Today I am joined by Kelly Dinardo, who is co-host of the Living It podcast, owner of Past Tense Yoga Studio in Washington, D.C., a freelance journalist, and an author.

Her latest book, Living the Sutras: A Guide to Yoga Wisdom Beyond the Mat, gives readers a modern, accessible, and personal look at ancient yogic philosophy and the wisdom found within. The book “explores what yoga is, the vrittis or filters that color our thoughts, the habits and practices we need to establish to create a right attitude, the obstacles to a steady mind like the causes of suffering (kleshas) and personal triggers (samskara), and how to take action through the yamas and niyamas.”

So if, like me, you didn’t even know that Yoga had sutras — which are short texts from Indian literary tradition that often serve as manuals or universal observations — this book will introduce them to you, combined with commentary and writing prompts that will help you apply these ideas to your own life.

For example, the first yoga sutra is atha yoganushasanam. When translated, this simply states “Now we begin” or “Now the teachings of yoga are presented.” Kelly is partial to one variation that reads “Now we begin our practice” — because yoga is a practice, an ongoing effort! A pianist doesn’t start with Chopin. A runner doesn’t start with a marathon. It takes one note, one step at a time.

And, really, this sutra is reflective of what the book is doing and how Kelly is trying to get people to reframe yoga — it focuses on the practices, not the results. Some people are put off of yoga because it feels like a trendy thing for young people, or they just don’t feel flexible enough, but it’s a practice that can really be transformative for all kinds of people in the busy world we live in today.

Yoga doesn’t have to be about losing weight, a nice butt, or finally being able to touch your toes. It can just be a way to slow down and understand yourself better, which then helps you live life with more purpose and ease.

If you want to learn more about this topic, Kelly is talking on a panel at the ASJA conference (American Society of Journalists and Authors) in May on the topic of yoga and creativity. You can also hear Kelly and her co-host, Amy Pearce-Hayden, every week on Living It Radio as they untangle the mindset, habits, and practices that can teach us where we are in our mind to create a joyful, meaningful life.

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