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Ep. 88 – Aging Brilliantly – with Dr. Patricia Pimentel Selassie

Friend of the show Dr. Patricia Selassie returns! Known as “A doctor you can talk to,” her practice is centered on helping people be their healthiest best to live their life’s purpose. And she just released a new book, Aging Brilliantly, to help even more people live a long and vibrant life.

I am really excited about this new book because it’s an easy read, but filled with so much naturopathic information that everyone should know about eating, moving, resting, and socializing your way to a longer life.

You won’t find earth-shattering new diet programs or hacks to make you look like you’re 21 again — just the simple, practical lifestyle habits that are most common among the longest-living and happiest communities in the world.

The book starts with a chapter on Who Ages Well and Why. In this chapter, Dr. Selassie talks about the five Blue Zones — Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Ikaria, Greece; the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica; and Loma Linda, California — which are the regions of the world with the longest average lifespan.

Dr. Selassie then goes on to identify four lifestyle habits that are common among all five zones:

  • Move
  • Eat Real Food
  • Connect
  • Relax

These are the four pillars to a long and vibrant life, and if you focus on incorporating just one small change to your lifestyle at a time so that you live more like someone in a Blue Zone, you will be surprised at how easily you can stack these healthy habits without overloading your schedule or stressing yourself out in the process.

Each chapter of the book also includes a self-assessment, so you can figure out where you are already doing well and where you need improvement, which will help you figure out what lifestyle changes will have the greatest impact on your health. Then, a few months from now, you can take those assessments again to track your progress!

To learn more and get started, pick up your copy today: Aging Brilliantly: How to Eat, Move, Rest, and Socialize Your Way to Long Life.

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