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Ep. 90 – Reaching #TargetZero: How to Create a Life-Saving AED Program in your Home & Business – with Kirk Mote

In one year alone, 475,000 Americans die from cardiac arrest, making it one of the leading causes of death in our country. That’s why Kirk Mote’s life mission is #TargetZero, which is a vision of the world where no one dies from sudden cardiac arrest.

To achieve that goal, he created Rescue Site Services, where he specializes in developing Automated External Defibrillator (AED) programs for businesses, homes, and community groups. Kirk uses the only AED on the market with Real CPR Help® technology, the world’s #1 AED program management solution, and scenario-based CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care training and education.

AED access is a really serious topic, but to be completely honest, I never thought much about it before reading Kirk’s book, Rescue Site AED Program: The 5 Critical Components of a Life-Saving AED Program. So, today, we’re going to learn what makes a good AED program and why you should have an AED plan in place in your business and even within your own home.

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