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Ep. 91 – Get Turned On – with David Norrie

In 2015, David Norrie founded Socially Speaking, an occupational training program designed to help professionals articulate their passions and products with a greater degree of charisma and marketability. But over the course of his training, David observed that many of his clients and much of society appeared to be moving farther away from one another emotionally, rather than closer together, despite advancements in communication technology. This sparked a desire to create a revival of the spirit by emphasizing principles of basic communication that could be easily incorporated into marital relationships, parenting, and social gatherings. 

So, David Norrie and his wife founded Turned On, a platform and podcast created to help preserve the lost art of face-to-face connection within the home, workspace, and faith community, and David wrote about his mission in the book, “Turned On: Tuning In, In a Tuned-Out World.”

Identifying himself as “a student of human interaction,” his mission is to open the eyes of those people whose lives have been put on autopilot and make them aware to the disconnection that is rapidly happening in board rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, coffee shops, churches, and social media platforms; to help people stop watering down their ability to interact with one another and express themselves by being “TURNED ON” to see with new eyes and listen with new ears to the possibilities happening all around them. He hopes to restore the light to a world going dark.

And just to giver you a little perspective on why this is so necessary: 45,000,000 people search “How to be happy” on Google every month. That means 45,000,000 people are searching for light, and in all likelihood, that number is even higher right now.

But, with David’s help, we’re going to start correcting course.

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