The current recommendation by the American Heart Association to discontinue any use of coconut oil is absurd and not surprising to me…

  • Poor heart health parameters: The authors only focus on LDL as the main predictor for cardiovascular disease. What they SHOULD be aware of is that there is considerable research with superior evidence showing that Apo-B concentration is a much better predictor of heart disease than total cholesterol or LDL levels.
  • The authors cite a systematic review of 21 research papers which concluded that coconut oil raised the same antiquated measures mentioned in the report. The review mentions nothing about Apo-B in its discussion but focuses on LDL. ZERO studies exist that look at the direct effect of coconut oil on cardiovascular disease.
  • Lack of credibility: thanks to the work of What the Health Movie we now know the American Health Association is sponsored by the meat/ dairy industry, Mars, Tyson, Perdue, Pepsi, Kraft, Subway, General Mills, Cargill,  Kellogg’s, Nestle, Monsanto and other companies that are actively poisoning our food supply. In other words, take anything they say with a grain of salt…a big one at that.
  • Final take: this recommendation is total rubbish. It's foolish to say coconut oil should not be consumed indefinitely. Especially because there is evidence of its therapeutic effects on infections, oral and skin health, cognitive function, seizures, and possibly as an Alzheimer's co-therapy. The Tokelauan people derive 63% of energy from coconuts and heart disease is uncommon in this population. More important is the diet you combine with the oil.