You’re likely aware of the connection between sugar and weight gain. You may have even seen the studies showing the connection between obesity and diabetes. But are you aware of the most recent studies highlighting the effects of sugar on other areas of our health? This data is one more reason to think twice before indulging in Halloween candy. Here’s the latest research round-up:

  • Too much sugar intake can lead to heart disease and increased risk of cardiovascular death, according to a 2014 study involving 12,000 participants.
  • High-sugar diets have been linked to high blood pressure, too. Added sugars can induce hypertension by increasing inflammation, insulin resistance, and obesity.
  • A nine-year study published in the journal Nature Communications reported a link between sugar and cancerous tumor growth. Biologists discovered that sugar has the ability to fuel the growth of cancer cells. The study was conducted on yeast (not humans), but scientists feel it is the foundation for future research.
  • Eating too much sugar has been tied to a decline in brain function and memory, too. The study, conducted over 10 years with 1,000 participants, was the first to show that poor blood sugar control — regardless of whether someone also had diabetes — has a negative impact on the brain.

Getting control of your sugar cravings may not be easy, but I can help! It’s one of the core strengths of my health coaching practice. Call me before Halloween and treat yourself to looking and feeling better this Fall!